Hyundai and Ohme: Powering Your EV Journey from Home

Hyundai EV charging

Hyundai's recent partnership with Ohme, a trusted home electric car charging company, marks a significant step towards enhancing the EV charging experience for Hyundai owners. Ohme offers dynamic smart charging solutions that not only ensure convenience but also contribute towards cost-efficiency.

What are Ohme Chargers?

One of the key features of Ohme's home chargers is their ability to integrate with energy tariffs, allowing users to take advantage of off-peak rates and optimise their charging schedules. Additionally, the home power balancing feature ensures efficient distribution of electricity within the household, further enhancing energy management capabilities.

Ohme is the only UK electric car charging provider to work with any energy tariff, including Intelligent Octopus and OVO Charge Anytime.

With two types of chargers available - Ohme Home Pro and Ohme ePod, users have the flexibility to choose a charger that best suits their needs.

The Ohme Home Pro features a colour screen and tethered cable, making it easy to power your EV efficiently. On the other hand, the Ohme ePod boasts a more compact and discreet design, compatible with type 1 or type 2 cables.

What will it cost me?

Thanks to Ohme's unique software and technology, drivers can enjoy efficient and cost-effective charging solutions.

For instance, for an average UK driver covering 6800 miles in a year with a Hyundai IONIQ 6 Single Motor RWD and its 77.4kWh battery (WLTP range: 338mls) and an Ohme smart charger on Intelligent Octopus Go* tariff, the estimated annual charging cost could be as low as £116.80. This is a remarkable difference compared to £451.62 that one might end up paying if using the Standard Variable Tariff for the same distance.

In comparison to running an equivalent petrol car, where costs could soar over £1200 for a year's worth of fuel.

When considering the cost of having an Ohme charger installed at home for your Hyundai, it's important to note that Hyundai-approved chargers often come with free standard installation for most UK homes that qualify. However, if your home has specific requirements that necessitate custom installations, there may be an additional cost involved.

If you own or rent a flat, it's worth exploring the possibility of eligibility for the government electric car grant. This grant can provide financial assistance towards the installation of an electric vehicle charger at your residence (you can get either £350 or 75%** off the cost to buy and install a socket, whichever amount is lower). Ohme team will help with this process too.

*Intelligent Octopus Go at 7.5p/kWh for 23.30-05.30am, Standard Variable Tariff – 29p/kWh
**The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) replaced the Electric Vehicle Homecharge scheme (EVHS) with the new EV charge point grant. The Government grants are subject to full terms and conditions and eligibility may be revised or withdrawn at any time without prior notice. This information is correct as of December 2023. Find out more about the EV chargepoint grant at